reduce pain & improve quality of life

Bundles are a good option when you want to spread out sessions. I work with a wide range of people with varied goals. Perhaps you are looking to:

  • Explore the source(s) of chronic pain or tension.

  • Improve physical limitations and mobility.

  • Rebuild strength and stability after childbirth.

  • Improve body awareness, strength, and stability.

  • Get support after physical therapy concludes.

  • Reduce stress effectively in a way that fits your personality and lifestyle.

  • Feel better in your body.

  • Maintain or improve wellness as you age.

  • Improve your quality of sleep.

In order to meet your unique goals, I draw on rehabilitation exercise, yoga postures, and gym movements. At the end of every hour-long session, I provide you with a personalized program to explore and practice between sessions. Most people have a reduction of pain within the first session.

Thank you for the instructions and the great session. Still no pain!! Yeah!

To me, the exercises were simple and not what I considered as “yoga” but they were very effective in alleviating my pain. Every session we built on the exercises and as I continue to do them, my pain in my foot and back continues to lessen and I actually have pain free days, which I hadn’t had in over a year.

1 session

Experience first-hand how different you can feel and look.

5 sessions

Save 10% and learn how to reduce your pain and feel better.

10 sessions

Save 15% and resolve the patterns that cause problems, build strength.

20 sessions

Save 20% and build stamina around new patterns to create lasting change.