My favorite thing to do is help a someone feel better in her body. I know how challenging this can be as she juggles all of her responsibilities. I see how often we set aside our own needs and put our obligations first.

I know because I have been there as I took care of my young family. A few years ago, I felt really uninspired and lousy. I had persistent back pain, wasn’t able to run, had all kinds of pelvic floor issues, and wasn’t taking time for myself. It was a long road toward reconnecting with my body.

In addition to my real life skills and flexibility acquired over 12+ years of mothering and moving internationally every few years, my background and training in yoga and yoga therapy, anatomy, the nervous system, Ayurveda, breathing, and the core-to-pelvic floor connection has reconnected me to my physical core - my muscles, tissue, and breath. Perhaps even more importantly, however, my work and path have also reconnected me to my intrinsic core - to myself.

I’m thankful to be able to help others connect with their core, and I’m looking forward to helping you as well. Tell me, where should we start?