Our modern lives can be pretty crazy. Many of us put up with some pain or strain because to not would mean falling behind. If you’re here, something must be up. Do you have chronic pain or tension? Can you no longer do the activities you want to because of limitations? Do you have trouble sleeping or relaxing? Do you sense something is off but aren’t quite sure what? Have you explored other modalities or professionals and not gotten the support you need?

You can again be productive, active, and have less pain. The key is to pay attention to what your body is saying and use that information to better support your system. Your body communicates with you all the time; the more you can become aware, the better you’ll feel.

You have several options for working with me:

Thanks to the many specific exercises she taught me I managed to work within my pain free range of movement, hear the whispers of my body (not only the screaming) and simply perceive areas I’d never been able to isolate before. Leslie was available for further questions and explanations when I needed them and always followed up on how I was progressing with my ‘homework’. Thanks to her close observation of my body, her detailed explanations and her focus on creating ease in the body, our sessions greatly contributed to my new approach to movement.
— Lis