I help motivated people reduce their pain so that their quality of life improves. Our bodies speak to us using the language of movement and breath. Once you learn to recognize and listen to these signals from your body - chronic pain, strain, stress, shortness of breath, poor sleep, depression, and discomfort, for example - you can work with your body and speak its language to get better results, faster. You’ll stand taller without holding back your shoulders, breathe fuller, yet quieter, breaths, and return with less pain to the activities you love. Yoga provides the context, and you will see what is possible.

I am more than a yoga teacher. My yoga therapy training means I know the body, have an eye trained to understand movement, and have the skill to help people understand what the body is saying. I support people with various body types, activity levels, goals, and interests. I work with you, help you learn the language of your body, and get you doing what you love. You can find me at an upcoming workshop or at my weekly private and public group classes. I also work privately with people.