Imagine what it would be like to feel both
stronger and lighter at the same time

You know that core strength is really important, but it can also feel elusive to get (how many sets to I need to do?) and really difficult to maintain (wow, one week off and all my muscles are gone!).

I know you want a strong core without doing tons of crunches and traditional core work. I help students get just that by using core stability and core responsiveness as measures of strength and progress. With this holistic, whole-body approach to core strength, your core will be there, supporting you every day as you go about life. This means that as you move better overall, your core naturally strengthens and tones. If you want to focus on your core directly, you’ll know what to look for to ensure that the strength you gain is integrated into your body and there to stay. This approach works for anyone who wants to have a more stable and strong center.

Don’t wait for another month or two to pass, for your weight or size to drop, or for the kids to get bigger. You deserve to connect with the body you have right now and feel the everyday impact of a stable, responsive, and integrated core.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t, I promise. Check out my one-to-one programs to learn more.

you deserve to feel good
in the body you have

Does some of this sound familiar?

  • You had a baby or a few and never quite recovered.

  • You still have a diastasis, or a gap in your abdominal wall, and are not sure what to do.

  • You have some pelvic floor concerns.

  • You feel disconnected from your core, and maybe even your whole body.

  • You feel like there’s nothing going on in the center of your body - it’s soft and unresponsive.

  • You feel weak and like you don’t have enough strength to do what you want to.

  • You feel drained or even depleted.

  • You have pain in your body that won’t go - and stay - away.

  • Your self confidence has taken a detour.

  • You’ve tried other programs and had the success you want.

If some of this describes how you’ve been feeling, I’m really glad you’re here, because I can help. You deserve to feel good in your body! To have energy and the strength you need! To not have pain, and to have a stable, responsive core that is working for you when you need it to. A holistic, whole-body approach will address all of those symptoms listed above, plus so many more. Which is the best option for you - bundles of sessions or more in-depth and intensive programs? Not sure? Reach out to me with any questions.


I’m Leslie.

I know you want to feel good about your core. I’m with you.

a mother to 3 crazy kids, I have done the work myself and know how hard it can be to find something that works and to feel good about taking the time to do it.

let’s work together to connect you to your core, simply and effectively. I want you to feel amazing in your body and your life.